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2. lipca 2020 | 14:00

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Why is the traditional model of recruiting candidates
for the IT industry more and more expensive?


of companies increase their budgets for recruiting IT staff every year, forcing more companies
to do so in the following years. The process drives itself, because the demand for employees
is systematically growing and their number on the market is limited.


the median salary in IT increased in the first half of 2020. The success fee model of traditional recruitment agencies is based on a multiple of the salary offered for a given position.
As salaries increase, the costs of recruitment outsourcing increase.


days on average need internal HR teams to complete the recruitment process for an IT position. The biggest waste of time is to review the CVs sent by candidates whose competences and experience do not match the job profile.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    Albert Einstein

Try recruiting with Talent Place

Our model of working is based on crowdstaffing, in other words, recruitment via community. We have more than 100 recruiters working remotely throughout Poland and Europe with extensive experience in recruitment for IT.
Our actions are based on the assumption that recruitment should have a fair price and real value. We care about
a simple and transparent model. We are flexible and we approach each company individually. Our process is effective, because time is the most important asset of the modern world.

We save for our customers


so many recommendations are sent for one job position. You save time
for worthless applications

even so much less expensive is our recruitment model compared to the competition

of our recommendations end with an employment of one of the three candidates by the client






Why crowdstaffing?

Cooperation with the community of HR experts allows us to provide service that is always tailored to the needs of the client. We care about high quality of the recruitment process, fast delivery
of results and cost optimization of the whole project. Discover the advantages of the model:

  • Flexibility - we offer two recruitment financing solutions: project
    or subscription. First solution will prove useful in large companies,
    which need fast and efficient recruitment for many positions. Subscription model is dedicated for small and medium enterprises
    with variable recruitment needs.

  • High quality of candidates - over 60% of our community specializes
    in recruitment for the IT industry, 20% of which have more than 5 years of experience in end-to-end recruitment. The network of contacts
    of our recruiters allows us to reach the best candidates in each specialization in a short time.

  • Every location - we have extensive experience in recruitment
    for many local markets in Poland and Europe. Our recruiters have
    a database of candidates in every area of IT. We have carried out complex recruitment projects for our clients to many locations simultaneously.

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How do we do it?

Our process has been designed to provide a guarantee of success in even the most complex project. Each stage is adjusted individually to the client's needs.

Feasibility study - assessment of the possibility of the project implementation by Talent Place and identification of potential difficulties and possible solutions. We focus on honesty and openness in communication with our clients, therefore we do not take on tasks that we are not able to complete.

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Decision on cooperation - at this stage, we sign an order or framework agreement and define the cooperation schedule. Together we determine
the criteria for the recommendation of candidates, which the client considers
to be qualitative and consistent with his expectations.

Creating a team - we assign to the project, depending on the needs, from
a few to a dozen or so recruiters best suited to the task. The team leader is
an experienced Client Success Manager, who is responsible for coordinating
the entire process and communication with the client.

Project brief - defining the rules of cooperation and client's needs and collecting a detailed interview for sourcing plan. Selection of candidate acquisition channels and defining a recommendation plan that will allow to fill the assumed number
of positions.

Recruitment process - we are getting started. We search for and recommend the best candidates matched to the client's expectations. Until the moment
of employment, we take care of candidate experience and maintain interest.






Feasibility study as a way of effective recruitment

A feasibility study is a document prepared before the order is signed and the official launch of our cooperation. It is handled by our most experienced recruiters, who, on the basis
of their own knowledge, experience and additional external sources, determine the key factors that may have an impact on the success of the project, including:

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Order a free feasibility study
  • availability of candidates in a given location
  • potential number of candidates with a particular profile
  • candidates' salary expectations
  • availability of adequate resources in the Talent Place network
  • possible project implementation date

Check our clients' opinions

Talent Place took first place in the ranking of the American service Clutch among the best recruitment service providers in the world in 2020. The results are based on customer feedback, service offerings, quality of work and market presence. Ranking included 72 service providers. Talent Place overtook companies from such countries
as the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ukraine and Russia.

Check our clients' opinions

How we have obtained candidates for
an international internship for an IT giant

“"I can also recommend the idea of crowdstaffing, which is a sign
of our times, a method needed in a modern, rapidly changing world.
The pioneer applying this approach on the Polish market is Talent
Place, so it is natural that we decided to cooperate.”

emphasizes Marcin Kurnik, Sr. University Recruiter, Microsoft.

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